Our core competences

The activity and core competence of our company deals with the national and international strategic tax planning of natural and legal entities, who would like to optimize their fiscal charges within the estimation range of the respective tax law.

Our aim

Our goal is to have a “Happy Tax Payers” customer group living at any moment with the certitude of carring optimized fiscal charges for taxation, so that….. they pay their tax calculations with happiness.

Overall concept

For our pleasant clients living abroad and in Switzerland, our team guarantees a qualitatively optimal advisory activity performed for a fee, which corresponds to the customers benefit and the equivalent of our performed work.
Our enterprise promotes a permanent further education of all the employees. Our customers will thereby always profit from the newest knowledge from theory and practice.

Our services

The following services are our daily business:

  • Preparation of tax returns for natural persons and legal entities
  • Property gain tax
  • Estate tax
  • Tax planning and optimisation in view of occupational pension plan
  • Tax advice in relation to annual financial statements
  • Intercantonal tax allocation
  • Clarification of tax implications of company succession, donations and inheritance
  • Tax advice in relation to company formation, conversion, merger, division of operations, restructuring, liquidation, succession planning, termination of business, division of inheritance, etc.
  • Questions concerning intercantonal and international tax law
  • Negotiations with tax authorities
  • Raising of objections and complaints
  • Establishment of Swiss domicile for natural persons and legal entities
  • Negotiation of lump-sum tax agreements
  • Obtaining of tax rulings
  • Advice on special taxation of capital payments from occupational pension fund
  • Establishment of company domicile
  • Assistance with company formation
  • Advice on inheritance tax and property gain tax
  • Verification of tax bills and assessments
  • Assessment of intercantonal and international tax issues and problems
  • Preparation of VAT statements
  • Advice on VAT
  • VAT risk checks
  • Guidance on VAT audits
  • Evaluation of companies and shares / Advice on acquisition/sale of companies
  • Advice and guidance on company formation and restructuring
  • Capital increases, mergers and liquidation of companies
  • Advice on choice of optimal legal form (new company or restructuring of existing one)
  • Guidance on acquisition/sale of companies and shareholdings
  • Succession planning and succession plan
  • Financial planning for investments: financing options and investment calculations
  • Assistance with preparation of business plans
  • Reorganisation
  • Executor tasks
  • Directorship mandates
  • Financial bookkeeping
  • Accounts receivable/payable
  • Monthly reports with/without budget figures
  • Annual financial statements
  • Advice on annual accounts
  • Annual and interim financial statements
  • Balance sheet and performance analysis, ratio calculations and cash flow statements
  • Advice on budget, liquidity and investment planning
  • Personal assistance with accounting and administration at client’s premises
  • Temporary assignments at client’s premises to cover vacancies and/or staff shortages
  • Payroll accounting and payslips
  • Social insurance statements for old-age and survivors’ insurance (OSI), SUVA occupational accident insurance (OA) and non-occupational accident insurance (NOA), final accounts for occupational pension (OP), etc.
  • Withholding tax statements
  • Salary statements and human resources evaluations
  • Expenses policy (incl. approval by tax authorities)
  • Guidance on OSI and SUVA audits
  • Advice on social insurance matters
  • Administration and management of rental properties, co-owned real estate and/or condominiums